theCHIVE is hiring an assistant content curator

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Jobs

JOB DESCRIPTION: With the mind-blowing underground growth theCHIVE has experienced over the past couple years, we need to man-up and continue providing our users with the awesomeness they come to expect. The user submissions are now in the thousands per day and we do a pretty damn good job staying on top of them but Mac, Doug, Alec and Bob need a social life (even though they have zero game and Bob’s engaged like a bitch). We need your help.

But we’re not hiring an intern, we’re hiring a full time content curator. Your job will be to work with our authors to scour the inbox and find the best fo the best all day, every day. This position requires a keen sense of what’s funny, sexy, interesting and ORIGINAL. You must live and die by the interwebs and know what’s relevant and Chive-worthy.

One last curveball, the position starts in Venice, CA but we are moving Chive Headquarters to Austin, TX this summer and you must relocate when we do. If you are not currently living in Venice and willing to move to Austin, you need not apply. If you live in Austin and want to interview for this position and spend the next 6 months in Venice and move back to Austin, that’ll work too, but it’s up to you to figure out short-term living arrangements. We are not flying people out to interview either, so it’s on you get your ass out here to interview.

As with any job call-out, we are going to vet the prospects by asking anyone interested to send in a one-minute video explaining why you are the man or woman for the job. We’re using a new service called ViewYou where you can upload your resume and video privately. Signup HERE, click the PLUS plan and use the coupon code HIREME to get a free membership. Once your video is live, please notify us via email at workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com and add any extra info to this email that will push your submission over the edge.

You have till Friday,  March 1st to upload your video and resume. We will be interviewing the following week, so you’ll need to be available if you make the cut. The position will start ASAP.


  • Pay is salary based on experience and talent.
  • 12 days paid vacation NOT including taking the week off from Christmas to New Years
  • Choice of Health and Dental insurance plan included
  • 401K option
  • Work in the coolest city in the US, Austin, TX
  • Fully stocked beer fridge, keg and bourbon bar