The Chivery is Hiring an Inventory Manager

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Jobs

The Chivery is hiring a Product/Inventory Manager


The Chivery is hiring a full time product/inventory manager. I know what you’re all thinking, “What the hell took you so long!?” Truth is, we already have one product manager in-house, who is a badass, but The Chivery has grown in leaps and bounds and it’s become a two-man job…or one-man / one-woman job or one half-man / one-midget job. Bottom line, the position needs filled asap.


Job Description:

  • Maintaining efficient and appropriate levels of inventory and ordering new inventory when needed while balancing demand.
  • Setting up and maintaining 3rd party relationships with existing t-shirt vendors by licensing some of their designs or buying a handful of their designs wholesale from them and reselling them in our store.
  • Managing the process of all new product designs. This includes:
  • working with our in-house designer and 3rd party vendors to secure final t-shirt art-work for preprint.
  • supplying final t-shirt artwork to our printer and working directly with them to proof and approve final design.
  • locating, negotiating and securing new non-tshirt products as well as managing the ordering and manufacturing (if necessary) of these products , i.e.: Bucky Balls, stickers, decals, ball caps, etc
  • Assisting the General Manager with finding a 3rd party inventory CMS, possibly a Shopify plugin, to automates some of the ordering or reminders to re-order based on sales trends and inventory levels. Each product sells differently and needs special attention and cannot be blanketed into one CMS.
  • Managing in-house inventory of complimentary products that we ship directly from our office



  • Need to be able to communicate! A nice, but heavy hand can be required to ensure timely order fulfillment from 3rd party vendors. One reason we are out of stock of so much inventory is because of unacceptable delays from our printers.
  • Need to be insanely organized and proficient in Excel.
  • College graduate. We do background checks here.
  • Must be local and live within 30 miles of Venice Beach. If you are willing to relocate, don’t just tell us that, prove it. No applicants will be considered that live outside of the LA area.
  • Moderate Photoshop skills a plus
  • E-commerce experience preferred.
  • No forklift experience required. We do not own one… although it would be cool to have around.


Compensation and benefits:

  • Position is salary based and pays $40K-$50K/year based on experience.
  • 12 days paid vacation NOT including taking the week off from Christmas to New Years and one week mandatory paid vacation in August
  • Group Health Insurance plan included
  • 401K option
  • Work in the heart of silicon beach aka Venice Beach… on the beach.
  • Fully stocked beer fridge, keg and bourbon bar.


Background on The Chivery: is an online-only t-shirt store launched and run by the creators of The Chivery not only sells popular CHIVE brand shirts and products, but it also works with 3rd party apparel companies selling their products through The Chivery on either a license deal (we license and print their designs) or buy purchasing their t-shirts wholesale and re-selling them at retail.

The position would be out of theCHIVE’s Headquarters in Venice, CA. All t-shirts are printed and fulfilled by Amplifer in Austin, TX. Some travel is involved to meet with potential 3rd party apparel vendors and a trip to Austin 2-3 times per year to meet with our fulfillment company.

Please send resumes to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com with subject line: The Chivery Product Manager