The Chivery is hiring a Marketing Manager

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011 in Jobs, The Chivery


Resignation Media’s e-commerce t-shirt store,, is looking for a badass marketing manager in west Los Angeles. is an off-shoot of popular photo site, The majority of sales have come from advertising on theCHIVE and we want to branch out and advertise on the rest of the internets, as well as beef up our newsletter and social media.

Marketing Job Duties:

  • Creating static advertisements for all products to be used on theCHIVE and other websites. Must be a photoshop pro.
  • Working with the general manager with in-house product photoshoots for new product launches.
  • Building and maintaining newsletter. Must be familiar with Mail Chimp.
  • Maintaining Facebook and Twitter accounts and communicating with fans on occasion.
  • Setting up and optimizing Adsense and Facebook advertising campaigns targeting ads to websites that concentrate on core demographic (Males 24-34)
  • Maintaining all Chivery ads on theCHIVE -knowledge of DFP helpful
  • Assist with choosing and polishing new t-shirt designs

Who we are and where you’d be working:

  • Resignation Media is the privately owned parent company of The Chivery and runs,,, and
  • All t-shirts are printed by Amplifier in Austin, TX. They also fulfill all sales and customer service. This allows us to stay fast and lean and concentrate on developing new t-shirt partnerships and coming up with our own original designs.
  • The office is not a traditional office space. It’s on the beach in Venice. No cubes. No traditional offices. No dress code. Very chill.
  • You’d be working with 7 guys and we do not discriminate against guys or girls; the position is for whoever is the best fit.
  • Office hours are flexible, we are very non-corpo. 9:30ish to get-your-shit-done-ish.
  • We provide laptop and any software you’ll need.
  • Half-day Fridays
  • Drinking at work is not frowned upon

Compensation and requirements

  • Position pays base salary $45,000-$65,000 based on experience.
  • 5% sales commission on all net revenue on ads placed outside of theCHIVE (Adsense and Facebook Ads). For example, we will start you with a budget of $15,000 per month to spend across all platforms. If sales from these ads generate $30K in sales, you will receive an additional $750/month. The amount of budget we provide will increase with performance. Commission scale is not set in stone and we are open to altering it so you are properly compensated based on performance.
  • We do not offer in-house health insurance, we do however pay an extra $200/month as a health insurance reimbursement for getting insurance on your own.
  • Candidate must live in Los Angeles and own a car, preferably the west side for commute purposes.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Must have online marketing experience and bring knowledge to the table as we are not hiring anyone who requires a learning curve from scratch

If qualified and interested in this position, please email, thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com with resume and put “Marketing Manager” in subject line.