“In 'Merica We Trust!”

theBRIGADE.com is the world’s first and only military entertainment website. The popularity of military related posts on theCHIVE demanded a stand-alone destination that features all things armed forces. Popular with soldiers, veterans and civilians alike, theBRIGADE features photo galleries and videos ranging from soldier’s hero stories and active-duty soldiers goofin’ off to hot girls in uniform and mind-blowing explosions. theBRIGADE is also home to funny photos poking fun at ‘Merica with redneck photos, “fixed-it” photos, crazy inventions and light-hearted political ribbing. [Visit theBRIGADE.com]

theBRIGADE Stats:

  • 1 Million Unique Visitors / 4 Million Visits per month
  • 20 Million Pageviews
  • 12 new original photo galleries/day
  • 2.2 human casualties

Audience Demographics:

  • 18-34
  • 79% Male
  • 51% Salaries $60k-$100k+
  • 71% Over 21
  • 76% Have no children

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