“That's What She Saw”

In November 2009, theCHIVE launched its sister website theBERRY.com and it has taken the internet by storm. theBERRY gives ladies a much needed one-stop destination to peruse funny photos, hot males, daily gossip, viral videos, cool products and adorable animals. theBERRY has the same easy-to-consume photo galleries (no slideshows!) as theCHIVE, curated daily by head editor, Emily Mercedes, sister/associate editor Megan Resig, and authors Alex George & Monique Kattan. theBERRY is in a class of its own and there are no other female sites like it in existence. It’s theCHIVE for chicks! [Visit theBERRY.com]

theBERRY Stats:

  • 1.2 Million Unique Visitors / 2.5 Million Visits per month
  • 9.5 Million Pageviews
  • 2,961
  • 16 new original posts/day
  • Average time on site: 6 Minutes

Audience Demographics:

  • 18-34
  • 70% Female
  • 66% Salaries $60k-$100k+
  • 85.5% Over 21
  • 67% Have no children

[Visit theBERRY.com]