Resignation Media
Formerly Rober Media, Resignation Media is a family of photo-centric websites family owned and operated by brothers John and Leo Resig. Resignation Media is located in Venice Beach, CA in the heart of the freakshow where the business seems to fit right in. The family of sites consists of the flagship site,,,, and the e-commerce site, The Chivery.
Established in November 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig, has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon, loved and shared by millions. Known by indisputable opinion as “Probably the Best Site in the World”, theCHIVE is truly the world’s largest photo blog -showcasing original galleries of funny photos, beautiful women, art and groundbreakingÊphotography. theCHIVE is a one-stopÊshop forÊthe hottest, freshest and funniest viral photos and videos thoughtfully curated from user submitted photos and collected throughout the web by theCHIVE’s internal editors.
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In November 2009, theCHIVE launched its sister website and it has taken the internet by storm. theBERRY gives ladies a much needed one-stop destination to peruse hot male celebs, funny photos, daily gossip, fashion, viral videos and adorable animals. theBERRY has the same easy-to-consume photo galleries (no slideshows!) as theCHIVE, curated daily by head editor, Emily Resig and sister/associate editor Megan Resig. theBERRY is in a class of it’s own and there are no other female sites like it in existence. It’s theCHIVE for chicks!
Click HERE for more >> is the world’s first and only military entertainment website. The popularity of military related posts on theCHIVE demanded a stand-alone destination that features all things armed forces. Popular with soldiers, veterans and civilians alike, theBRIGADE features photo galleries and videos ranging from soldier’s hero stories and active-duty soldiers goofin’ off to hot girls in uniform and mind-blowing explosions. theBRIGADE is also home to funny photos poking fun at ‘Merica with redneck photos, “fixed-it” photos, crazy inventions and light-hearted world political ribbing.
Click HERE for more >> was spawned from the popularity of automotive posts on theCHIVE and demanded a site all its own. theTHROTTLE does what no other automotive site does and delivers cliff-noted gear-head specs as well as amazing photo galleries of cars on one page -no slideshows! Featuring exotic cars, new cars, concept cars, goofy cars -basically anything with wheels, theTHROTTLE stands out from the crowd by offering something for all car enthusiasts.
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The Chivery is an online t-shirt store where you can find all things CHIVE along with great t-shirts from and The Chivery also sells custom made Converse Chucks from The Ave in Venice Beach. All CHIVE Tees are custom cut-n-sow shirts made with extreme softness and confort in mind using a 50/50 poly cotton blend.
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