Internet Hoaxes and Publicity Stunts

Co-Founders of Resignation Media, John and Leo Resig have earned national notoriety by proving they could manufacture viral stunts on a worldwide level. Their first stunt, ‘The Trump Tip Hoax‘, a story about Donald Trump tipping a waiter $10,000 was reported as a true story by major media outlets -Huffington Post, Gawker Media, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, E! and became the lead story on the Fox News. The L.A. Times eventually explained how the Resig brothers’ ruse was carefully disseminated as a way to drive traffic to their new blog, The New York Post later hailed Trump by exclaiming, “Not our Donald”

Their next stunt, the ‘Teen Texting Disaster’, on theCHIVE, was the story of a young girl who accidentally text messaged her father after she lost her virginity, was carried by the Today Show and became a running joke on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Recently, theCHIVE executed their most notable stunt to date, the Whiteboard Hoax, the story of an attractive young lady who quits her job on a dry erase board. The Whiteboard Hoax (also called the ‘HOPA Hoax’ was recognized by Time Magazine as the #1 Internet Hoax of all-time. It was also the most shared Facebook story of 2010. By the time TechCrunch outed the story as false, (also TechCrunch’s highest traffic day of 2010) it had been trumpeted as factual by hundreds of major media outlets across the US. CBS News conducted the ‘reveal’ interview with John Resig explaining the mechanics of how the hoax was carried out.

Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Lately have dedicated entire show segments to theCHIVE.

theCHIVE Charity

In August 2010, theCHIVE grabbed the national spotlight again when theCHIVE united their user base to save a small group of rescue workers in Fluvanna County, Virginia from being closed down. The Fluvanna County rescue squad provides emergency care to the less fortunate in outlying areas of Virgina free of charge. Tax cuts threatened to close the charity. theCHIVE

raised over $33,000 in under 24 hours to save the Fluvanna County Rescue Squad. The story demonstrating, “a new viral charity model that harnesses the power of the internet” was reported by CBS News

All press inquiries can be directed to sales[at]thechive[dot]com