About Us

Resignation Media started it’s journey to the moon in November of 2008 and is family owned and operated by brothers John and Leo Resig. theCHIVE started with Leo in Chicago and John living in Venice Beach. (CHI for Chicago and VE for Venice = CHIVE) After a year, the website’s popularity was growing and Leo moved to Venice to set up shop with John and cousin Bob. 5 awesome years later, Resignation Media packed up from Venice and moved the Headquarters to Austin, TX, where it plans to stay.


Resignation Media is not a network, rather a family of websites consisting of the flagship site, theCHIVE.com and also includes theBERRY.com, theTHROTTLE.com, theBRIGADE.com and the e-commerce site, TheChivery.com. The proudest addition is Chive Charities, where we are able to activate the most generous and kind audience on the internet to raise money for orphaned causes.


Chive Nation has taken their community offline and has hundreds of meet ups a year all over the world. So being home brewers, we thought it would be great for Chivers to raise a glass with each other so we created KCCO Black Lager, the first of many beers from Resignation Brewery. Available NOW!

  • Leo Resig

    Leo Resig is the co-founder and CEO of Resignation Media. Leo attended Indiana University where he majored in management and took the Tommy Boy approach…7 years. After a career in online ad operations and graphic design, he started theCHIVE.com in November 2008 with his brother John whom he shares the same affinity for ridiculously awesome and funny photos. Hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Leo now lives in Venice Beach, CA by way of Chicago, where he is happy to be avoiding winters.

  • John Resig

    John Resig is the co-founder and President Resignation Media. John majored in English and Theatre at Hanover College. John moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and launched a successful career as an actor. John landed the role of Deputy Kevin Ellis on the hit HBO vampire drama, True Blood, filming all 4 seasons.
    In 2009 John also founded Upcoming Artists Media, a social media company that represented all social media initiatives for IGN, Hollywood Reporter, Rotten Tomatoes, and truTV.

  • Bob Phillipp

    Bob Phillipp is Resignation Media’s first employee and is Head Editor on theCHIVE and proud cousin of the Resigs. Also from Fort Wayne, IN, Bob attended Indiana University – where he spent his golden years perfecting the craft of not getting laid and is still an active practitioner of that art to this day. Currently he’s trying to work out the logistics behind pulling off Santa Clause’s impossible feat of delivering a gift to every child in the world on Christmas day.

  • Emily Mercedes

    Emily is the Head Editor of the World’s First Female Humor website, theBERRY.com. A grad of Indiana University, Emily is proud to have gotten a degree in elementary education even though she has not taught one child an ounce of good info. Over a couple of pints at Emmit’s Irish Pub, brothers John and Leo convinced her to quit her career as an online ad planner and start theBERRY in November of ’09. Since then, she has thrown out all of her calendars and has stopped setting her alarm. She has no idea what day it is right now.

  • Rick Phillipp

    Rick Phillipp is the Head Editor of theTHROTTLE and theBRIGADE. Cousin of John and Leo and brother of Bob. Rick spent his youth in Fort Wayne, IN as well and was MIA for most of his childhood playing tennis 10 hours/day since age 2. But the rigorous commitment to tennis led to a scholarship at Wake Forest where he played with and against current tennis pros. His tennis game has scaled back to dominating the Paddle Tennis courts in Venice Beach, CA. Rick has an almost autistic approach to cars and all things military -he knows everything about both.

  • Megan Resig

    Megan is the youngest sibling of the Resig clan and is treated likewise. She recently graduated from Indiana University in June 2011 where she majored in informatics and has been welcomed to the “real world” with the cushiest job on the planet, theBERRY’s associate editor. Her boss is older sister and best friend, Emily. Tough life. Her nickname was ‘Meg-a-ton’ back in the day and she isn’t afraid to admit it. Food is good. But after taking up choreography, she was able to shed the LB’s and become her brothers’ worst nightmare -a knockout.

  • Patty McManis

    Patrick aka “Patty” aka “Anyway” McManis is general manager  for theCHIVE’s apparel e-commerce site, theCHIVERY.  Patrick attended Hanover College where he majored in Theatre and became good friends with John.  Already having dedicated himself to the subtle arts of debauchery, he moved to the only place that would accept him, Los Angeles.  After various half-hearted attempts to “make it” as a working actor, Patty resigned himself to profitably managing a retail store in general obscurity for the rest of his existence. Fortune smiled, however, when John and Leo plucked Patty from inside Plato’s cave and installed him as a part of theCHIVE team.  Patty currently lives in Venice, CA and has no plans on shaving this week.


  • Mac Faulkner

    Mac Faulkner, started his career at theCHIVE as an intern handling lunch orders and hazing and has since blossomed into an editor role. He also wears the hat of account manager and works with our sales team to make the advertisements on theCHIVE a touch less shitty. Originally from Bend, Oregon, Mac studied business economics at UC Santa Barbara and received his bachelors degree in commercial advertising from Brooks Institute. Contrary to popular belief, he is not Mexican, not that there is anything wrong with Mexicans who are legal citizens of America or pleasantly residing legally in Mexico or their country of choosing, legally. Previously, Mac has produced and directed a number of ad campaigns and films, and is currently typing a biography about himself in the third person. Someday, Mac may be promoted to CXO, and fulfill his dream of paying off his go-kart.


Established in November 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig, theCHIVE.com has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon, loved and shared by millions. Known by indisputable opinion as “Probably the Best Site in the World”, theCHIVE is truly the world’s largest photo blog -showcasing original galleries of funny photos, beautiful women, art and groundbreakingÊphotography. theCHIVE is a one-stopÊshop forÊthe hottest, freshest and funniest viral photos and videos thoughtfully curated from user submitted photos and collected throughout the web by theCHIVE’s internal editors.
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In November 2009, theCHIVE launched its sister website theBERRY.com and it has taken the internet by storm. theBERRY gives ladies a much needed one-stop destination to peruse hot male celebs, funny photos, daily gossip, fashion, viral videos and adorable animals. theBERRY has the same easy-to-consume photo galleries (no slideshows!) as theCHIVE, curated daily by head editor, Emily Resig and sister/associate editor Megan Resig. theBERRY is in a class of it’s own and there are no other female sites like it in existence. It’s theCHIVE for chicks!
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theBRIGADE.com is the world’s first and only military entertainment website. The popularity of military related posts on theCHIVE demanded a stand-alone destination that features all things armed forces. Popular with soldiers, veterans and civilians alike, theBRIGADE features photo galleries and videos ranging from soldier’s hero stories and active-duty soldiers goofin’ off to hot girls in uniform and mind-blowing explosions. theBRIGADE is also home to funny photos poking fun at ‘Merica with redneck photos, “fixed-it” photos, crazy inventions and light-hearted world political ribbing.
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theTHROTTLE.com was spawned from the popularity of automotive posts on theCHIVE and demanded a site all its own. theTHROTTLE does what no other automotive site does and delivers cliff-noted gear-head specs as well as amazing photo galleries of cars on one page -no slideshows! Featuring exotic cars, new cars, concept cars, goofy cars -basically anything with wheels, theTHROTTLE stands out from the crowd by offering something for all car enthusiasts.
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The Chivery is an online t-shirt store where you can find all things CHIVE along with great t-shirts from HeadlineShirts.com and Glennztees.com. The Chivery also sells custom made Converse Chucks from The Ave in Venice Beach. All CHIVE Tees are custom cut-n-sow shirts made with extreme softness and confort in mind using a 50/50 poly cotton blend.
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